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Wright Watson & Associates offers the latest technology in litigation support and realtime.  Our full-time staff is well equipped to handle all requests, from scheduling to the final product. 

Our reporters are reliable and professional and are well able to handle all types of litigation, from medical to construction to product liability to patent infringement.  If you need immediate access to transcripts we provide rough drafts, realtime hookups and daily copy production.  Just let us know your needs and we’ll take care of the rest.

•           Realtime
•           LiveNote® Realtime Hookup
•           CaseView® Realtime Hookup
•           Summation® Realtime Hookup
•           pdf-IT® emailed transcript (for Mac and PC)
•           pdf-IT® Bundle (scanned exhibits and deposition on CD/DVD)
•           e-Transcript® (for PC users only)
•           e-Transcript Publisher® (scanned exhibits and deposition on CD/DVD)
•           e-Transcript Binder®
•           Condensed transcripts
•           Word indices
•           Scanned exhibits
•           ASCII in various formats, including Amicus and Summation
•           Conference room

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